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MCIP refuses to share changes to border crossing rules for artists and journalists with the IMI; asks for understanding

21.03.2023, 13:52
Photo: UNIAN
Photo: UNIAN

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine refused to provide the IMI with a draft of the amendments to the border crossing rules for artists and media workers. This is stated in the Ministry's response to the IMI's request regarding the changes to the regulation of international travel.

The Ministry refused to make the draft resolution public, as it is still being finalized, and considers disclosing it inappropriate due to the risks of manipulation.

"Since the draft of the resolution needs to be revised due to the listed remarks, which means that the draft may differ significantly from the final version that will be adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; in order to avoid further manipulations on this topic, the MCIP considers it inappropriate to disclose the incomplete draft of the act," reads the Ministry's response to the IMI's request.

Currently, the MCIP noted, the draft act is being approved with the involved bodies, the expressed proposals and comments to it are being processed, and after that the draft will be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers for consideration.

The agency noted that the draft resolution has been developed in a way that enables representatives of the culture and information fields to counter Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine and popularize Ukrainian culture abroad with their work.

At the same time, the MCIP asked the IMI for understanding, saying that they do not consider it appropriate to make the draft act public: "Given the importance of adopting this resolution, as well as the high-profile cases of some cultural figures discrediting the artistic community with their actions and statements, which made it difficult for the involved bodies to quickly process the draft act, we ask you to treat the issue raised with understanding."

As IMI reported, after the incident with the stand-up comedian Andriy Shchegel, who went to Türkiye as part of a group with a temporary permit and stayed there after receiving three conscription notices, the MCIP submitted a proposal for a stricter procedure for obtaining temporary travel permits by men of draft age.

On their Instagram, the band TVORCHI expressed concern that they would be unable to perform in Nairobi at USAID's invitation or go on the Eurovision promotional tour due to the changes to the border crossing rules for artists.

On March 14, the Minister of Culture and Information Policy, Oleksandr Tkachenko, announced that the department had developed changes to the border crossing procedure for performers, artists, and journalists.

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