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Journalist Mykhailo Tkach hit by a car

13.10.2022, 13:50
Photo: Mykhailo Tkach's Facebook
Photo: Mykhailo Tkach's Facebook

UP journalist Mykhailo Tkach, who had recently reported facing obstruction of his work, reported being hit by a car today, on October 13.

He added that he is "not inclined" to associate this case with his professional work, but paid attention to certain details.

"Was hit by a car today at a pedestrian crossing. Nothing serious. Bruises. I am not inclined to associate this case with my professional work, but it is also difficult to understand the VAZ driver who sped up in front of a pedestrian crossing and in front of me. Therefore, just in case, I'm recording it here," the journalist wrote.

He added that the police and the ambulance were working "like clockwork."

According to UP, the car hit the journalist in the Shevchenkivsky district of Kyiv. The police says the driver was a Kyiv citizen born in 1978; the journalist has been hospitalized.

As IMI reported, Ukrainska Pravda journalist Mykhailo Tkach reported SMS-bombing and mass phone calls after the publication of his story "Wartime Fast and Furious. How the capital's residents are being terrorized by street races" on September 28.

Later, Mykhailo Tkach reported facing obstruction of his journalistic work and associates it with the publication of this story.

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