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Journalist from Kremenchuk complained police about harassment by the director of park

19.10.2017, 14:54
Newspaper of Kremenchuk “Programa plus” (Poltavska oblast) reported harassment of their correspondent Maryna Banit by the representatives of communal enterprise “City garden”, as the website of the media outlet reports. The incident took place on October 18 in park “City garden”, where journalist was recording how employees of the park work, one of them was the director of the park Vitaliy Dediurin. According to the media outlet, the journalist, while being in the park, by chance saw that Dediurin and his assistant cut down a young tree. She decided to video record it with her cell phone. When the director noticed her, he pretended he was not cutting down the young tree and then asked her to come closer. The journalist refused and went away, but the director's assistant followed her and started to harass her, using obscene words and expressing his unhappiness with the fact he was video recorded. The journalist called the police. Dediurin later wrote that he was not aware that the woman was a journalist, and also that she was "hiding" from him behind the bush when she was video recording The police, based on preliminary data, does not identify the incident as a criminal offence. As IMI reported before, in September the director of communal enterprise "city garden" Vitaliy Dediurin and local journalists had a conflict, and, as a result, local mass media filed official complaints against him about his harassment of journalists.
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