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Journalism student from Vinnytsia Dmytro Yaremenko killed in action

24.11.2023, 16:03

Dmytro Yaremenko, 18, was killed while performing a combat mission in the Severodonetsk area (Luhansk oblast). He was a sophomore majoring in Journalism at the M. Kotsiubynsky Pedagogical University of Vinnytsia.

This was reported on Facebook by the Journalism Department of the M. Kotsiubynsky Pedagogical University of Vinnytsia and by the media outlet "20 Khvylyn".

On November 13, a mine was dropped into the front line dugout where Dmytro was. The shelling was so intense that no one could even go there to pick up the wounded. The young man's body was only recovered three days later.

Dmytro was born in Mariupol. At the start of the full-scale invasion, after two-months in the besieged city, he and his family moved to Lviv, where he graduated school. Then they moved to Vinnytsia, where he entered the university.

In August 2023, Dmytro joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He enlisted into the Dmytro Vyshnevetsky "Azov" special purpose brigade No. 12 of the National Guard of Ukraine. The young man said that he must join the people fighting for his hometown.

"Incredibly brave, courageous, principled. Teachers and classmates knew him as a reliable, talented, well-read student, a trustworthy and sensitive friend, a patriot of his homeland Ukraine. We express our deepest condolences to the relatives and friends, we share the pain of their loss. Bright memory and eternal glory to the Hero!", says the page of the Journalism Department of the Kotsiubynsky University.

Dmytro told his teachers that he had joined the UAF after the fact:

Photo by the Journalism Department of the Kotsiubynsky University

Dmytro Yaremenko was buried on November 21 on the Sabarivske Cemetery's Glory Lane.

Photo by "20 Khvylyn"

Soldier, historian and author Oleksandr Monchak reminisced on his last meeting with Dmytro.

"Reading the news about the death of Dmytro Yaremenko, and now about his funeral, once again brought to mind my last meeting with the students and with Dmytro. At that time, I was in a local hospital and was invited by Alina Oliynyk to try and to explain to future journalists what the army was, the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and how to talk to soldiers. At the very end of my lecture, Dmytro approached me and told me that he wanted to join the army. I kind of tried to talk him out of it, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't convincing enough. Why didn't I stop then and persuade him that he shouldn't do it? I couldn't find the words that would get through... Because I promised to return on time and was in a hurry? He impressed me then, saying suddenly: 'Let me shake your hand.' We shook hands and he simply said, 'Thank you.' Whether I imparted him with some of that warrior energy, or he felt like he's gotten a claim to it, he left. Enlisted into a specific combat unit. Gone forever... May God's Kingdom receive you, dudes, and you, Dmitro. Rest in peace and may the soil be soft for you, WARRIOR" Monchak wrote.

Dmytro Yaremenko is survived by his grandmother, mother, brother and father, who is also fighting for Ukraine.

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