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Jmama IMI’s new edition on journalist safety launched

16.02.2021, 14:41

The online resource IMI Jmama which aims to provide a set of advisories for safety of journalists, has been rebranded and is launching its work in 2021.

This year, the Jmama website is going to pay a special attention to the challenges of cyberbullying, physical aggression against journalists and legal advice. 

Iryna Zemlyana, the head of the IMI security campaign, will involve independent, highly professional security specialists who will prepare useful files for journalists. The articles will be collected in the sections "Risk Assessment and Planning", "First Aid for Journalists", "Journalists' Technical Support", "Cyber ​​Security" and "Legal Advice".

The site will also allow you to pass electronic tests and assess your level of security to understand what knowledge you lack.

“As active hostilities in eastern Ukraine started, we noticed that the security of the media professionals is associated with hostilities. But violations of journalists' rights occur mostly in peaceful cities. Security is a daily job, and it's too late to worry about it when something has happened. We need to constantly refresh our knowledge to be ready for new security challenges. That's why the Jmama security site is a place where people are constantly worried about a safe journalistic life, "said IMI security expert Iryna Zemlyana.

As IMI reported, in 2020 the Institute of Mass Information recorded 229 cases of violations of freedom of speech in Ukraine (243 violations of journalists' rights in 2019). The main challenge for journalists in Ukraine remains physical aggression, which accounted for 172 cases of violations. 

The NGO "Institute of Mass Information" has an extensive experience in the field of security of journalistic activities since the Revolution of Dignity, when IMI provided more than a thousand journalists with helmets, vests, respirators.

With the beginning of the Russian aggression, IMI created the first free Security Library in Ukraine, within which more than 500 Ukrainian and foreign journalists could use the class 4+ bulletproof vests, Kevlar helmets and were able to safely cover events in hotspots of tension.

IMI conducted more than 10 safety trainings, including training on firing ranges, and with the participation of highly qualified foreign trainers. The Institute of Mass Information has published two security manuals " Journalist and (In) Security " and " Working under PRESSure ", which accumulate the most relevant security advice from professionals and experienced journalists. 

It will be recalled that IMI has a free hotline for media professionals. For all consultations, please, call us : (050) 447-70-63 and write us:  [email protected].

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