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Italian correspondent broke safety rules and went to the "red zone" unauthorized – Mykolaiv RSA

12.09.2022, 10:51

Italian correspondent Mattia Sorbi broke safety rules and drove from Mykolaiv to temporarily occupied Kherson, towards Oleksandrivka, which was in the "red zone," unauthorized. Despite the russian media's widespread narrative about his car supposedly blowing up, the published videos show that the damage done to the car is more characteristic of shelling than detonation from an anti-tank mine.

This is said in the official statement of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration, published on September 10.

"For the past two days, russian propaganda media have been actively spreading information about the alleged involvement of the UAF and the Ukrainian special services in the wounding of Italian journalist Mattia Sorbi, who had tried to drive to temporarily occupied Kherson secretly, bypassing the established crossing points. The Mykolaiv Regional State Administration informs that this information is untrue and is another attempt to manipulate public opinion on the part of the occupiers," the message reads.

The Mykolaiv Regional State Administration notes that, according to the official investigation, it is known that at the end of August, Mattia Sorbi arrived in Mykolaiv, from where he later drove towards the temporarily occupied Kherson unauthorized. The main road connecting Mykolaiv with Kherson is the M-14 highway.

"However, the Italian journalist chose a different route, in the direction of Oleksandrivka (temporarily occupied territory between Mykolaiv and Kherson), which was in the "red zone" due to heavy fighting. Trying to get to the temporarily occupied territory, the Italian journalist violated the safety rules, heading towards the "red zone" without permission and escort of the Ukrainian military (which is mandatory). The real purpose of his trip is still unknown, but it is clear that to cross the contact line, the journalist chose a route that is almost never used by civilians," Mykolaiv Regional State Administration notes.

The administration also commented on the information about Mattia Sorbi's car having been blown up by an anti-tank mine. The Mykolaiv Regional State Administration believes that he was fired upon by russian troops.

"From the materials that the russian propagandists have begun spreading it became clear that Mattia Sorbi was injured while trying to enter the temporarily occupied Kherson by car, and the driver of the car was killed. Despite the russian media's widespread narrative about the supposed detonation of the car, the published videos show the damage done to the car, which is more characteristic of shelling than detonation from an anti-tank mine. Therefore, we can assume that the car was fired upon by the russian occupying forces as it entered the 'red zone,' and when they realized that it was an Italian journalist's car, they decided to blame the Ukrainian side. We once again urge everyone not to believe russian fakes and to exclusively trust the information from official, verified sources," the message reads.

Mattia Sorbi's car. Photo – Mykolaiv RSA

As IMI reported, Italian war correspondent Mattia Sorbi, who had come to Ukraine to cover the russian aggression, went out of touch on August 31. On September 7, he was found in the occupied Kherson city. In 2014, Sorbi worked as a correspondent for the russian war propaganda TV channel Zvezda, which spreads disinformation against Ukraine.

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