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Invaders came to home of parents of journalist in Melitopol

22.03.2022, 22:12

The Russian invaders came to the place of the parents of Kateryna Danylina-Levochko, the correspondent for the Industrial Zaporozhye editorial office in Melitopol, on March 21 at 4 a.m. 

The journalist reported about it to the representative of IMI in the Zaporizhzhya region. 

"Yesterday, March 21, at 4 am, the occupiers came to my parents' apartment, where I have not lived for nine years. Only my father was at home, my mother left the city the day before the war. They were looking for me. It is unclear why they came there. At the same time, they didn’t come to our apartment of me and my husband. They searched the parents' house and checked the father's phone, ”Kateryna said.

According to her, her father was asked whom she worked for, as well as information about the owner of the Melitopol Information Department, Mykhailo Kumok. Probably, the journalist notes, this was due to the fact that she had been working for that media.

According to Kateryna Danylina-Levochko, she is currently safe outside Melitopol.

As IMI reported, on March 21, in Melitopol, Zaporizhia region, the Russian occupiers abducted several employees of the Melitopolski Vedomosti (MV). In particular, journalists Yulia Olkhovska, Lyubov Chaika and Yevhenia Boryan, as well as publisher Mykhailo Kumok and members of his family. They were later released after "preventive talks" and an attempt to "establish cooperation".

On March 21, the Russian occupiers broke in the place of  Vitaliy Holod , editor of the district newspaper Nashe Misto-Tokmak (Zaporizhzhya region).

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