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InformNapalm creates a database of RF units fighting in Ukraine since February 24

29.09.2022, 13:41
Photo: InformNapalm
Photo: InformNapalm

The international intelligence community InformNapalm presented an interactive database of Russian units involved in the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Detector Media writes.

The database is an extension of the Russian Aggression database, which contains data on the Russian military who took part in the hybrid aggression against Ukraine in 2014–2021.

It is categorized by types of Russian military formations. Namely:

  • general military formations;
  • ground troops;
  • missile and artillery forces;
  • tank forces;
  • airborne troops;
  • navy;
  • aerospace forces;
  • military intelligence;
  • signal corps;
  • radiation, chemical, and biological protection forces;
  • engineer troops;
  • material and technical support units;
  • railway troops;
  • Rosguard;
  • "ersatz forces" ("L/DPR" terrorist groups units).

The database was created with the help of the international volunteer community.

"Special thanks to Alex Alexidze, an InformNapalm volunteer from Sakartvelo," InformNapalm's press service wrote on Telegram.

The database provides comprehensive open source intelligence on each division, procured by InformNapalm volunteers. For example, the place of permanent deployment, the persons confirmed to be serving in a given unit, media reports mentioning this unit.

As IMI reported, in Belarus, Dzianis Ivashyn, a journalist of the Novy Chas newspaper and a member of InformNapalm's international community, has been sentenced to 13 years and one month of imprisonment.

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