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In Uzhgorod, private security guards were impeding journalists to work at intercity bus station

23.02.2015, 23:51

In Uzhgorod, on February 23, private security guards did not allow the filming crew of «Channel 21» to conduct video recording at the local intercity bus station.

As TV channel's  journalist Olha Sorochuk told IMI's regional correspondent, the filming crew was preparing a news story about increase of prices of intercity bus transfers. So the cameraman and journalist went to the station to get a comment on price increase from the station administration, drivers, and passengers.

Yet, a security guard banned video recording, saying that the administration's permission is required for this. Not to exacerbate the conflict, the filming crew stopped recording.

The chief of the board of PJSC «Zakarpatavtotrans» Yosyp Krechko informed the journalists over the phone that indeed, it is forbidden to record video on the bus station, as it is a "restricted access object".

According to Article 25 of the Law of Ukraine «On Information», when on their professional duties, journalists have a right to perform written, video and audio records using necessary technical devices, except the cases stipulated by law.

IMI's media lawyer, Roman Holovenka, considers this case obstruction to journalist activities.

“Bus station cannot be considered a restricted access object, as daily many people pass it without any special control for possession of explosives, firearms, etc.”, Holovenko said.

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