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In Mykolaiv, journalist was forced out from the meeting with candidate head of Unified Territorial Community

19.12.2017, 18:53
On December 17, in the village of Novopetrivka, Mykolaivska oblast, journalist of online media outlet “Moye Misto” Olena NEfedova was forced out from the meeting with candidate head of Shyrokivska Unified Territorial Community, Serhiy Peresunko, with the village residents. This was after Svitlana Brychenko, wife of MP Ihor Brychenko, started to demand the journalist to leave the room, “Moye Misto” reports. As the media outlet states, Brychenko demanded the journalist to leave as the room the meeting was held in was her private property, provided by her to Peresunko for the meeting. After these demands and claims, one of the participants of the meeting demanded the journalist to leave the room, threatening to break the camera. Svitlana Brychenko continued to verbally attack the journalist as this was happening, claiming the room was hers and she can decide who stays and who leaves. MP Ihor Brychenko was present there too, at first he tried to get his wife to calm down, and later, took her side. The conflict started when the journalist came forward to make a layout photo. The man who threatened to break the camera, took the journalist by her hand and led her out of the room. He did not introduce himself when asked. He did not use force per se, just pressured the journalist to leave. Olena Nefedova commented for IMI that she hopes that the police will open a criminal case based on the video materials that she published on the website.
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