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In Minsk, police beats and detains the journalist of Radio Liberty

13.08.2020, 12:22

In Minsk, the police has detained and beaten political reviewer of the Radio Liberty local service, Vitaliy Tsygankov. This was said in the interview for Radio Liberty by the wife of the journalist, Olga Tsygankova, who was detained together with her husband.

According to her, both of them were delivered to Moskovskyi district internal affairs administration of the city.

“At Nemyga street, our car was stopped by road police officer, he demanded to leave the car. Because we know that lately people are being dragged out of cars, beaten and detained, I refused. I said that I can show my documents from inside the car. The officer responded very aggressively, started to try to put down the glass, started striking the car, put his gun against my head and demanded to get out. I, regardless of this, moved forward. We were surrounded by several road police cars, Vitaliy wass dragged out, beaten, placed face down to the road. Now we are in Moskovskyi district precinct”, she said.

Belarus advocacy center “Vesna” informs that Vitaliy and Olha Tsygankov were detained near the medical university during the protests of medics. Over 130 medics wearing white medic coats gathered at Dzerzhinskiy avenue protesting against violence with posters “Doctors against violence” and “Stop the violence”. 

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