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In Lubny, cameraman of local channel was beaten

03.08.2020, 20:56

In Lubny (Poltavska oblast) while filming the fire at the warehouse on July 29, unidentified man has beaten the cameraman of local TV channel “Lubny”, Oleksander Nazarets. The journalist reported this to IMI representative in Poltavska oblast.

According to him, the incident took place at one of the large warehouses where the fire started - the journalist came to film some footage when he was informed about the fire by emergency service employees.

According to the journalist, he was filming near the fire truck, on the road, outside of the warehouse territory itself. A group of people that included both men and women aggressively approached him insisting that he has no right to do the video record. He explained that he is a journalist and that is his job. A man from the group threatened to punch him if he does not leave. After that, the journalist indeed got punched by that man. The journalist stepped back, guarding the camera, but then retaliated with a punch of his own. The emergency team stopped the fight, police was called to the location.

The journalist filed an official complaint to the police, the proceeding under that complaint is opened, according to local police representative Roman Hrishin who was requested by IMI representative about this case.

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