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In Kyiv, market security guard pushed cameraman of "Priamyi", forbidding to record video

20.02.2018, 15:10
On February 19 in Kyiv, security guard of Pecherskyi market was obstructing the work of the filming crew of "Priamyi" during live broadcast, was pushing the cameraman and forbiddong him to conduct  video recording. This was reported at the website of the channel. The journalists of “Priamyi” arrived to the market to show their audience the prices for fruits and vegetables on the day when the Great Lent starts. But the security guard who saw them started pushing away the cameraman in a rude manner, forbidding the video recording for the story. After this, journalists were approached by one more man who called himself Valeryi, an administrator, and forbid the recording, giving the argument that the territory of the market is a private territory and that a special permission from the administration is needed. Journalist Olena Kurbanova tried to explain that according to the law, a journalist has a right to film footage in public places, yet in the end, the filming crew was forced to stop their work.
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