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In Koblevo police dropped case on beating of cameraman for “Revizor” program

10.12.2019, 17:00

In Mykolaiv region the police has dropped the criminal proceedings due to the incident involving TV crew of the program "Revizor", that happened in the village of Koblevo this summer.  On July 18, an unknown man hit a cameraman from one of the local main TV channels in the face and fled. The correspondent with IMI Mykolaiv region reported it, citing the decision of the investigator on closure of the proceedings.

The police had initiated criminal proceedings on the basis of Part 1 of Art. 171 of the Criminal Code "Obstruction of the Legal Professional Activity of Journalists".

During the pre-trial investigation, the investigators identified the assaulter: he was found out to be a local resident, he confirmed that he hit the cameraman with his fist, but said he did not know that the latter was filming the story.

In September, the case was re-qualified under part 1 of the rt. 126 of the Criminal Code "Beatings and tortures".

But, given that the complaint was not filed by the cameraman himself, but by another journalist who eye-witnessed the incident, on October 17, the police dropped the criminal proceedings with the official wording "due to the lack of criminal elements."

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