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In Kherson region journalists not admitted to session of village council

20.03.2020, 17:47
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The journalists Oleg Baturin and Lyubov Rudu were denied to attend the session of the Lyubimivka village council in Kherson region. Oleg Baturin told it speaking to the IMI representative in Kherson region.

"We arrived to cover the session, but we were not even let in the village council building. Workers referred to the verbal order of the chairman of the united territorial community not to let anyone in the building during the quarantine. Also, the Association of Ukrainian Cities officials Larisa Olenkovska and Anatoliy Negro were denied entry, notwithstanding they were put in the list of invitedpersons, "- Oleg Baturin said.

Later, representatives of the Association of Ukrainian Cities were admitted to the meeting and journalists called the police.

The police officers drew up the report.

"While the police were  completing the report, the village council decided to let us in, but just at the moment, when it was over and the deputies started leaving the meeting room," the journalist said.

As IMI reported, on March 18, the Novokakhovsk City Council (Kherson region) made a decision to hold closed-door sessions, asking all journalists and attendees to leave the boardroom.

On March 19, employees of the Kakhovka City Council denied to the journalist Oleg Baturin to attend the joint meetings of the City Council working commissions, citing the resolution of the mayor of Andriy Dyachenko.

The city council 's website contains an instruction from the mayor, which states that journalists are restricted from entering the building. But not all of them. For two local editions, Mayor Andriy Dyachenko made an exception.  "The Kakhovsk city council forbids the journalists to get in its administrative building, except the journalists of the newspapers Kakhovskie Novosti and Kakhovskaya Zorya.n. The journalist contacted the police, the officers made a report based on the fact of  obstruction to legal professional activity of journalist.

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