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In Chernihivska oblast, journalist had her voice recorder broken. Proceeding was started

04.09.2017, 00:36
The journalist of the weekly edition “Chernihivskyi visnyk” Olena Vasiuk filed a complaint to the Novhorod-Siverskyi police department (Chernihivska oblast) about her voice recorder broken on August 24 when she was performing her professional duties. Olena Vasiuk reported to the IMI representative in Chernihivska oblast. An unknown man damaged her equipment as she was collecting material for her article near Hrushevskoho street. According to the journalist, she was searching for a certain man, a treasure hunter, and asked his neighbors about his cell phone number. A man nearby invited the journalist to his yard, and dialed on his cell phone the number of the man who was supposed to be the protagonist in the journalist's story she was researching for. The journalist was using her voice recorder to record the conversation. After the conversation was over, another man, who was present at the yard, demanded to delete all records from her recorder, and then grabbed it and broke it. This man did not explain anything about his motives. Based on information of police provided to the IMI representative, based on this fact a criminal proceeding was started based on two articles of the Criminal Code - 171 (impediment to journalist activities) and 347-1 (intentional damaging of property). The attacker was identified, but he has not been interrogated yet.
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