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In case of a "Ukrainian SRG infiltration": Russians fearmonger while training children to evacuate

04.09.2023, 17:59
Photo: RIA Pivden
Photo: RIA Pivden

The Russian occupiers gave an evacuation "training" class for preschoolers. According to them, there was a "Ukrainian SRG" planning to kidnap the children.

This was reported by the National Resistance Center.

"In other words, the children were being taught to defend themselves against Ukrainians. The children are being conditioned starting kindergarten," the NRC remarks.

According to "RIA Pivden", the "training class" took place at the kindergarten "Topolek" in Akymivka, Melitopol district, on August 29–30.

"They had made up the best possible pretext for these exercises. According to them, a two-person SRG had planted a suspicious object similar to an explosive device in the kindergarten's premises as a distracting maneuver. However, joint action by the "Topolka" staff and employees of a PSC (private security company. – Ed.), helped eliminate the threat," the newspaper writes.

As IMI reported, the Security Service of Ukraine has issued a suspicion notice for collaboration to the head of the Kremlin-installed "Zaporizhia Oblast Ministry of Education" in the temporarily occupied Melitopol, Olena Shapurova, who forces schoolchildren to sing the Russian national anthem.

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