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Hydrometeorological Center collected most frequent mistakes of journalists

12.08.2021, 16:19

The Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center collected the most common mistakes the journalists and SMM-managers of information resources are making, when writing about the weather, as Ukrhydrometcenter reported on its Facebookpage.

Ukrhydrometcenter explained how to write correctly about weather conditions and called on the journalists to make use of this text.

"Media persons, would you like taking this into account and report reliable, verified and clear information to audience," the statement said.

In particular, Ukrhydrometcenter drew attention to the fact that there are no weather meteorological forecasters on popular weather sites  All meteorological forecasts are automated there.

"Only the Ukrhydrometcenter and regional centers for hydrometeorology have specialists who monitor the development of processes around the clock, analyze, refine forecasts and warn of dangerous phenomena," the statement said.

Attention is also drawn to the fact that journalists often confuse cyclones with anticyclones. 

“ Anticyclones are areas of high atmospheric pressure, which are associated with low clouds, calm and good weather. But the fronts (cold, warm, occlusion) are associated with cyclones - areas of low pressure, where precipitation, various phenomena and strong winds prevail, "- the experts said.

In addition, the Ukrhydrometcenter pointed out that journalists often call any strong wind a "hurricane", which is wrong. 

It is wrong to write "forecasters promise ": "Forecasters do not know how to control the weather, and therefore can not promise anything. Weather forecasters make forecasts.

Meteorologists also said that it was wrong to write "the temperature is warming up, warming up, warming up, improving." It is correct to write that the air temperature will rise, fall, the air will warm up. 

Ukrhydrometcenter also drew attention to the fact that snow and hail could not fall simultaneously, and only granular snow can fall with snow.

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