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Foreign media to make specific disclosure using airwaives of US broadcasters

26.04.2021, 14:42

In US, the broadcasters shall make specific disclosures at reasonable intervals when airing material provided or sponsored by foreign governmental entities pursuant to a leasing agreement. Such order has been adopted on April 22 by US Federal Communications Commission, as it is reported by Russian Radio Liberty. 

"The Federal Communications Commission today adopted new sponsorship identification requirements to require broadcasters to disclose when foreign governments or their representatives lease time on their airwaves.  The Order increases transparency, ensuring audiences are aware when a foreign government, or its representatives, uses the airwaves to persuade the American public", the document reads.

The rules aims "to eliminate any potential ambiguity to the viewer or listener regarding the source of programming provided from foreign governmental entities".  

"In so doing, we will increase transparency and ensure that audiences of broadcast stations are aware when a foreign government, or its representatives, are seeking to persuade the American public". (...) .[1]  In focusing our disclosure requirement on such situations, we seek to address an important issue of public concern."



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