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"Folio" publishes a book on Russians' war crimes in Ukraine by journalist Yevhenia Podobna

26.12.2022, 14:13
Photo: Yevheniya Podobna's Facebook
Photo: Yevheniya Podobna's Facebook

"Folio" publishing house published a book about the occupiers' crimes against Ukrainians by journalist, war correspondent, media trainer Yevhenia Podobna.

The journalist announced this on her Facebook page.

"I would give a lot for this book to not exist. For everything it is about not to have happened. It contains but a part of the material collected during the summer and in September. It is very important for me. I care about this a lot. In times when tomorrow may not come, I am very afraid that I will not have enough time to write things down, to find them, to relay them. I am very grateful to 'Folio' for supporting this idea and for issuing the book so quickly despite all the difficulties. I continue to collect material and memories. And soon, I will tell you more about the book, its heroes, and further plans," the journalist wrote.

She noted that she spent part of the royalties on humanitarian aid – seasonal medicine for the military.

"The book went to print, and today I spent the first part of the roylaties for it. Paramedics from Bakhmut asked for seasonal medicine. Tomorrow it will be sent to them. The rest of the money will also be spent on aid. I'm not saying this to brag, it just matters a lot to me that the heroes of the book, especially the relatives of those who were tortured to death, know that I am not capitalizing on their grief. Thank you to everyone who helped me with contacts, information and, most importantly, to everyone who found the strength to speak out and remember what anyone would want to forget. It is our duty to preserve this memory," Yevhenia Podobna added.

As IMI reported, the Old Lion Publishing House will re-issue "Daddy's Book" – a collection of children's poems by Kharkiv author Volodymyr Vakulenko, who was killed by the Russians.

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