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Expert explains how Russia adapts propaganda to British realities

29.01.2024, 15:33

Russia has trouble promoting its propaganda in the United Kingdom because of the country's strong support for Ukraine, which has led to Russians focusing on pushing the "Russian culture" talking point instead there.

Dr. Jade McGlynn, a research fellow at the War Studies department of the King's College London, spoke about this in her interview with Ukrinform.

"I've been monitoring Russian strategic communications in Britain both before and after the full-scale invasion. And I see that there's been a big shift towards an emphasis on the following idea: 'you might not like Putin, but the rest of Russia is great,'" McGlynn noted.

According to her, the Russians are now also strongly promoting the idea that Russia would never attack NATO countries and that if they abandon Ukraine, then "everything will be fine and Russia will be satisfied."

"So, Russia understands that the United Kingdom is a truly hostile environment for them to work in," the researcher added.

As reported by IMI, British journalist Luke Harding presented his book "Invasion. The Inside Story of Russia's Bloody War and Ukraine's Fight for Survival" in Kyiv in July 2023. Speaking of his motives to write the book, he noted:

"I really do think that this is a fight between good and evil. I think that what Russia is doing is clearly evil. And, essentially, Ukraine is fighting for its sovereignty, for democracy, for human values and for decency, and normal modern life is what's really at stake. So, you know, my books are non-fiction thrillers, it turns out. Reading them is like reading a novel, except it's not fictional. And I hope that having an accessible book will help people immerse themselves in the story."

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