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EU comments on Amnesty International's report about Ukraine

09.08.2022, 16:42

In response to the infamous Amnesty International report on Ukraine, the EU stated that it is russia that commits unjustified aggression and attacks civilians and civilian objects, while the Ukrainian army is trying to protect them. According to European Pravdа, European Commission representative Peter Stano stated this at a briefing in Brussels.

He emphasized that everything that is happening in Ukraine is a direct consequence of russia's illegal, unjustified, and unprovoked aggression, which is killing Ukrainian civilians, destroying Ukrainian civilian infrastructure, turns pensioners, women, children, hospitals, and railway stations into military targets.

"russia is attacking civilian targets, and the Ukrainian army is fighting against this aggression and trying to protect the civilian population. Of course, in such a situation there is a need to place military equipment in the areas that are under attack, where civilians live. This is another example of how inhumane and unjustified the russian aggression against Ukraine is," Stano said.

He said that the EU is generally opposed to situations where civilians have to pay with their lives and health during an armed conflict, and the efforts of the European Union and the international community are always aimed at reducing the suffering of the civilian population in any conflict.

It will be recalled that on August 4, the human rights organization Amnesty International stated that the Ukrainian military, which is resisting the russian invasion, endangers the civilian population by creating bases and placing weapons in schools and hospitals. At the same time, there is not a single word on the organization's website about the mass murder of Ukrainian POWs in Olenivka or any condemnation of the actions of the occupiers who killed the imprisoned Ukrainian defenders.

In response, the President's Office stated that it is the russian army that endangers the lives of Ukrainians, and Amnesty International's statements are nothing but a contribution to russia's discrediting campaign against Ukraine. Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba said that he was outraged by Amnesty International's statement and considered it unfair.

President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned Amnesty International's selectivity and believes that the organization is trying to grant amnesty to the terrorist state and shift the responsibility from the aggressor to the victim.

The Ukrainian office of the human rights organization Amnesty International stated that they took no part in the preparation and publishing of the report, and the Ukrainian office's head Oksana Pokalchuk resigned after the organization's scandalous report.

AI's main office said they regretted the "distress and anger" caused by their statement, but stood by their words.

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