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DW cameraman injured by Russian cluster munitions in Donetsk oblast

23.07.2023, 18:32

Deutsche Welle (DW) cameraman Yevhen Shylko received a shrapnel wound on July 22, when Russians shelled Druzhkivka (Donetsk oblast) with cluster bombs, DW reports.

The DW filming crew came under Russian fire around 12:10 p.m. while filming Ukrainian soldiers at a training camp near Druzhkivka. One Ukrainian soldier was killed in the attack, and several others were seriously wounded.

Shylko was taken to a hospital. His condition is stable now. DW correspondent Mathias Böhlinger and the security team accompanying the filming crew were intact. The journalists' car was damaged.

"We were filming the Ukrainian army during a shooting practice when suddenly we heard several explosions. We dropped down to the ground, several more explosions rang out, we saw that some people were wounded. Later, the Ukrainian army confirmed that we had been fired upon with cluster munitions," Böhlinger said.

DW CEO Peter Limbourg expressed his deep respect and gratitude to the reporters who continue to do their job covering the war despite the shelling and the risk to their lives. "Despite all the safety measures taken and the distance from the Russian front, the work of our colleagues in the war zone remains dangerous," he said and wished Shylko a speedy recovery.

As IMI reported, on July 19, TSN correspondent Yuliya Kiriyenko suffered a concussion in the combat area in Donetsk oblast, where she was filming a report about the Ukrainian defenders.

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