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Deputies propose to give the National Council a special procedure to sanction television and radio companies during wartime

05.05.2022, 16:24
Photo credit: Y. Kotchetkov / DW
Photo credit: Y. Kotchetkov / DW

A group of People's Deputies proposes to envisage the peculiarities of the mandate of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting under martial law, in particular with regard to sacnctioning television and radio companies.

The relevant bill №7345 was registered in Verkhovna Rada on May 3, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

The bill proposes to supplement the second part of Article 6 of the Law on Television and Radio Broadcasting with the provision that the use of television and radio organizations is not allowed to promote the russian nazi totalitarian regime, the armed aggression that the russian federation, as a terrorist state, excercises against Ukraine, and symbols of military invasion of the russian nazi totalitarian regime.

At the same time, deputies propose to supplement the relevant law with a new Article 51-1, which stipulates that in case of signs of violation of the second part of Article 6, part six of Article 9 of the current law (in particular, the ban on distribution of audiovisual content that denies or justifies the crimes of the communist totalitarian regime of 1917–1991 in Ukraine, the National Socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regime), depending on the results of the monitoring, the National Council will be able to apply a special procedure to bring the broadcasters to justice for such violations. In the meantime, broadcasters will have to submit their written explanations to the National Council within at least three working days.

At the same time, in case the sanctions are imposed in the form of a fine, the licensee is obliged to pay it within six days from the date of publication of the decision on the National Council's official website. In this case, the amount of the fine will be 50% of the regulator's decision. Otherwise, the National Council will apply to the court to recover it, while the amount of the fine will be increased by 100% of the amount specified in the decision.

In addition, the bill stipulates that if it finds violations of Articles 6 and 9 of the Law on Television and Radio Broadcasting, the National Council will be able to apply to the military command for appropriate response.

The regulator will be able to make such a decision in case of repeated violations during martial law, such as the use of television and radio organizations for calls to forcibly change the constitutional order of Ukraine, promoting the russian Nazi totalitarian regime, armed aggression against Ukraine, symbols of the russian nazi military invasion against Ukraine. Namely, its presentation as an internal conflict, civil conflict, civil war, glorification of its perpetrators, representatives of russia's armed forces, as well as representatives of the russian occupation administration and of self-proclaimed state-controlled institutions that have usurped power in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, in particular by defining them as "insurgents," "militias," or "polite military men."

As IMI reported, earlier the National Council called for allowing it to revoke the licenses of collaborating broadcasters under a simplified procedure.

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