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Criminal says he robbed the journalist of “Priamyi Kanal” because he was angry about the journalist performing video recording

03.11.2017, 23:49
Investigators of Zabodskyi police department of Chief Administration of National Police in Mykolaivska oblast started a criminal proceeding based on Article 186 of the Criminal code of Ukraine, part two - “Robbery” - based on the fact of robbery of the journalist of “Priamyi Kanal” Dmytro Tiosov. 20-year-old criminal explained that he forcefully took the journalist's phone and monopod because he did not like the fact that the journalist was recording video, and he did this to stop him. This was reported at the local police website. The culprit escaped, but was caught later by the police. The pre-trial investigation is pending. As IMI reported before, on November 2 in Mykolaiv, two unidentified men attacked and robbed the journalist of TV channel “Priamyi” Dmytro Tiosov, taking his equipment and phone.
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