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Crimean news portal Primechaniya ceased to work with Hayvoronsky due to his pro-Ukrainian rhetoric

25.03.2019, 17:54
Photo credits: Facebook Yevheniy Hayvoronsky/
The Sebastopol-based news portal Primechaniya (Annotations) has ceased to work with its Yalta journalist Yevheniy Hayvoronsky after he made several “pro-Ukrainian statements” and comments which are not corresponding to the position the editorial office has, as to “Crimea. Reality facts”. The edition informed that Hayvoronsky worked with Primechaniya as free lance journalist, he “had been frequently sending stories of current interest and sensitive to society issues about living in Yalta to Primechaniya editorial board. His publications were helping to several persons who appealed to him to obtain justice. At the same time, as Primechaniya claimed Hayvoronsky “had been active enough in social networks”, but “tonality of some of his posts and comments criticizing authorities and establishment of Crimea did not correspond to viewpoints of the editorial board of Primechaniy. They said in the editorial office that Hayvoronsky became abruptly very pro-Ukrainian after searching in his apartment lately. IMI informed thaton March 6, his apartment was searched by law enforcement bodies. In the evening of March 6th, in Yalta (annexed by Russia Crimea) a group of persons burst the apartment of a journalist Yevheniy Hayvoronsky and searched it, as to Russian Novaya Gazeta. Hayvoronsky works for Sebastopol portal “Primechaniya” (Annotations). The editor in chief of Primechaniya Viktor Yavdukha told the journalist is suspected to commit a crime stipulated by anti-extremist law. “They seized all equipment and Ukrainian passport of Hayvoronsky. In his Russian passport they tore page with his personal data. As I am aware of, he was going to take a flight to Moscow to speak to his source of information who was ready to reveal some facts on activity of the former mayor of Yalta Andriy Rostenko. Now his passport is not valid, so he cannot take his flight to Moscow”, Yadukha told.
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