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Crimean journalist Iryna Danylovych transferred to Krasnodar, Russia – Lubinets

14.07.2023, 15:32

On July 17, the political prisoner, citizen journalist Iryna Danylovych was transferred from the temporarily occupied Crimea to Krasnodar, Russia. Dmytro Lubinets, the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, reported this on Telegram.

He pointed out that the administration of the Simferopol PTDC disregarded the deterioration of her health and her need for immediate medical assistance.

Lubinets notes that in over a year that she spent in the pre-trial detention center, Iryna Danylovych "never received qualified treatment."

"She has an aggravated ear disease which may result in complete loss of hearing, suffers from constant headaches and impaired movement coordination," he wrote.

In addition, the Commissioner called the international community's attention to the fact that Russia "continues to defiantly violate the Geneva Convention, which states that failure to provide medical assistance is equivalent to torture and abuse."

Lubinets also learned about two other Crimean political prisoners, Farhod Bazarov and Mecit Abdurahmanov, being illegally transfered from Crimea to Balashov, Saratov region.

"In doing so, Russia is violating international humanitarian law: Article 49 IV of the Geneva Convention, which prohibits the occupying power from forcibly transferring civilians from the occupied territory to its own. The international community should step up their efforts and demand that the Russian Federation provide access to the places of detention of all unlawfully imprisoned citizens of Ukraine and release them immediately!" Dmytro Lubinets said.

As IMI reported, on June 29, 2023, it was reported that the Russian-backed Supreme Court of Crimea changed the ruling in the case of Iryna Danylovych, who had been previously sentenced to seven years in prison on charges of storing an explosive device.

Iryna Danylovych was detained on April 29 in the occupied Crimea. She was detained on her way from work on the road from Koktebel to Feodosia. Her house in Vladislavivka village was searched, her phone and laptop were seized.

On July 3, a number of human rights organizations demanded that the Russian authorities release Iryna Danylovych, a citizen journalist convicted in Crimea, and called on Ukraine to include her on the prisoner swap list and prevent her transfer to Russia.

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