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Chernihiv prosecutor's office refused to participate in public event dedicated to investigation of crimes against to journalists

13.09.2017, 16:40
The press service of Chernihivska oblast prosecutor's office stated that they will not participate and will not send their representative to participate in the round table dedicated to the situation with investigation of cases related to violation of journalists' rights and freedom of press in Chernihivska oblast. The public events, dedicated to the sad event in the history of Ukraine – September 16, the day of murder of journalist Georgiy Gongadze, were initiated by the NGO “Institute of mass information” in most oblast centers of Ukraine. The relevant addresses with a request to delegate representatives to discuss the status of cases on crimes committed against journalists and freedom of press were sent to Chernihivska oblast prosecutor's office and to the Administration of National Police  in Chernihivska oblast. As the local IMI representative reported, where the investigators of the local national police agreed to participate in the discussion at once, the Chernihiv prosecutor's office, unfortunately, without even giving a reason, stated that they will share their data about the crimes against journalists only in writing. The event is planned in Chernihiv for September 14. Contact: representative of NGO “Institute of Mass Information” in Chernihivska oblast, PAvlo Pushchenko, tel. number (063)4785562, e-mail:  [email protected]. For the context, on September 13, the prosecutor's office of Chernihivska oblast sent to IMI an offical letter, informing that in 2017 the local prosecutors were leading the procedures of pre-trial investigations for 18 criminal offences against journalists and other mass media representatives. The information on 8 of them were included into the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations this year. As a result, 5 criminal proceedings were closed, in 1 case, the investigation was terminated and the suspect in this case is now wanted, in 12 cases, the investigation is pending. In addition, the letter informed that the local prosecutors cancelled 3 unlawful police resolutions on closing cases on crimes against journalists due to incomplete measures and procedures that the police undertook in these cases.
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