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Called the Russian army "our army": Latvia's National Electronic Media Council fines "Dozhd"

02.12.2022, 18:04

The National Electronic Media Council of Latvia fined the Russian TV channel "Dozhd" 10,000 euros.

Delfi reports this, citing to the Council's chairman Ivars Abolins.

The TV channel displayed a map which showed the occupied Crimea as part of Russia and called the Russian army "our army".

Following this program, a case against "Dozhd" for an administrative offense has been opened.

The chairman of the National Electronic Media Council emphasized that if serious violations happen thrice, the Council will have the right to revoke the channel's broadcasting license. This case is the second serious violation in recent months.

In August, the State Labor Inspectorate announced that it would check if the visas of "Dozhd's" employees comply with the labor law, which says that third-country nationals can only be hired if they have a residence permit with a notation giving them the right to be employed. If they do not have such a visa, an employer has no right to hire them.

The inspectorate announced this after receiving information that "Dozhd's" employees work in Latvia on tourist visas, not work visas.

As IMI reported, a host of the Russian TV channel "Dozhd" expressed hope that the channel's team is being helpful to the Russian army.

After the clip went viral online, the TV channel's editor-in-chief Tikhon Dziadko said that it had been removed from the broadcast.

"This phrase implies that 'Dozhd' is providing assistance to the Russian army. In this regard, it is important to note the following: 'Dozhd' did not, does not, and will not engage in aiding the Russian army with equipment, on the front line or elsewhere. The [email protected] mailbox was created to collect personal testimonies about the Russian army's crimes in Ukraine and the violations committed in the course of the criminal and senseless mobilization in the Russian Federation.

"It is necessary to spread the word about this, so that the general public realizes the criminal nature of the Russian leadership's actions since February 24, 2022. All Russian citizens, including the military personnel and the conscripts, should know the truth about the criminal and despicable war," Dziadko wrote.

It should be noted that "Dozhd" is a Russian TV channel that calls itself a Latvia-based independent international Russian-language broadcaster. In Russia, it has been officially included in the "foreign agents" list.

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