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ATR offers job to journalist who was fired from ZIK

28.08.2017, 21:58
TV channel ATR considers the behaviour of the correspondent of TV channel ZIK Kostiantyn Lokhvytskyi  did not violate the principles of journalism and does not deserve to be fired. This opinion was published by ATR general producer Khrystyna Bondarenko in her  Facebook, “Detector media” reports. “Lokhvytskyi survived the war and was wounded in the Battle of Ilovaisk. His statements made online during “the March of unbroken” were not provocative or offensive. In a country at war, where only based on official sources at least 10 thousand Ukrainians died, and over 100 people sacrificed their lives during the Revolution of Dignity – such behavior can be justified, taking into account the atmosphere and the theme of the event”, Bondarenko wrote. She also invited Lokhvytskyi to contact her to join the channel's team. As IMI reported before, TV channel ZIK fired journalist Kostiantyn Lokhvytskyi because of the incident on August 24, on the Day of Independence celebration. The journalist started arguing with one of the participants of "the March of Unbroken", a supporter of the current Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko.
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