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Aseyev got apartment

13.11.2020, 17:13

The contributor for The Radiio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and former prisoner of militia in  Donbass, Stanislav Aseyev received an apartment. He said this on his Facebook page.

"A very important housing issue has been resolved - and I received the apartment promised by the head of state. I must say that the people who were charged to implement the presidential word back in January did little, and only with the direct intervention of Andriy Yermak and people from the presidential office, all this has been settled in just a month, for which I am incredibly grateful, "he wrote.

In addition, Aseev said he was going to take his mother out of the occupied Donbass.

“First of all, because now I will finally be able to take my mom out of the occupation and she will have a place to live. And me, finally, I will be able to not turn around every day with the thought of whether she was thrown into the basement for what her son says. So thank you again to everyone who made this effort: it's really important for my family, "he said.

As IMI reported, on December 29, 2019, Stanislav Aseyev was released as part of an swap of prisoners in Donbas on December 29, 2019. DNR militia members have accused him of espionage and detained him since 2017.

He said that another former prisoner of the militia men, tanker Bohdan Pantyushenko, had helped him to send his texts from captivity to the outside.

Before being detained by pro-Russian militants, he cooperated with a number of Ukrainian media, including Radio Liberty, from occupied Donetsk. He wrote articles for the project "Radio Donbass.Realities" under the pseudonym Stanislav Vasin.

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