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Arrested in Crimea journalist with Radio Liberty not brought to court

23.03.2021, 16:03

Vladyslav Yesipenko, a freelancer for Radio Liberty arrested in the occupied Crimea, failed to be brought to the court sitting on March 23, where the complaint of Yesipenko's independent defenders protesting against his arrest was to be considered. This was reported by Krym.Realii with reference to the Crimean Human Rights Group (CHG).

According to human rights activists, during the court hearing it became known that Yesypenko was allegedly to take part in some investigative actions.

“According to the results of the meeting, the lawyers who defend the Ukrainian under a contract with his relatives were admitted to the trial. Consideration of the complaint against detention was postponed because the "judge" Timur Slyzko decided to refer the case to the FSB to inform the investigator of such a complaint. After the investigator is notified, a retrial is to resume, ”the CHG said.

According to human rights activists, Vladislav Yesypenko's lawyer, assigned counsel, Violetta Sineglazova, did not appeal against the detention of his client and did not appear at the court hearing.

Human rights activists added that independent lawyers Emil Kurbedinov and Oleksiy Ladin, hired by Yesypenko's wife Kateryna, were not allowed to visit him.

"According to experts of the Crimean human rights group, this confirms the illegal methods the investigation uses and eventuality of tortures," the CHG added.

As IMI reported, on March 10, n March 10, Russian FSB officers detained Vladislav Yesipenko, a freelancer of Radio Svoboda (Crimea.Realities project), in the occupied Crimea. Yesipenko took part in the action dedicated to Taras Shevchenko's anniversary, which took place in Simferopol on March 9. The arrest term is until May 11.

Yesipenko is accused of gathering information "in the interests of Ukraine's special services," including for the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Russian FSB's Public Relations Center reported on March 16. According to the FSB, Yesipenko "carried out photo and video recording of the area, livelihoods and places of mass stay of people in the Crimea."

Human rights activists said Yesipenko was denied access to an independent lawyer and called for his release .

On March 12, it became known that Yesipenko was being held in a temporary detention facility in Simferopol.

On March 19, it became known that Vladyslav Yesipenko was accused of espionage in favor of the secret services of Ukraine. Human rights activists do not exclude that the FSB would use physical pressure on him.

The same day, his wife claimed she feared for his lige and health. "I want to say once again that I fear for the life and health of my husband, especially after yesterday's video. This video is another proof of beatings, torture and abuse of a person. This is confirmed by the non-admission of two independent lawyers to her husband,” as Kateryna said.

According to her, there were traces of beatings on his face and neck. In addition, despite the fact that she sent him a parcel with clothes, he was given someone else's clothes, under which they tried to hide something.

"The shape of the body was visually disproportionate, that is, I assume that he had something disguised under his clothes: either a device or a corset," the woman suggested.

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