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All IPTV channels in occupied Crimea hacked to stream Zelensky's address

30.11.2023, 17:51

All IPTV channels in occupied Crimea were hacked to stream the address by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. Russia reported a hacker attack on several Crimean Internet providers.

A local told Suspilne that the address was noticed at approximately 9:30 p.m. (8:30 p.m. Kyiv time), and then the screen went black.

According to Radio Liberty, the streamed speech by Zelensky's had been made on October 24 after the "Crimean Platform" summit. In it, among other things, the president addressed the people of Crimea: "All of you feel that the Russian presence on our land is not forever. I know that. Ukraine will take back its territory, its people."

Oleg Kryuchkov, the so-called adviser to the Russia-installed governor of Crimea, reported on his Telegram channel that multiple Crimean Internet providers have been hacked.

This was reported by Suspilne, Radio Liberty and Oleg Kryuchkov, adviser to the so-called governor of Crimea.

As IMI reported, on February 23, 2023, the day before the anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, someone streamed and address by Kyrylo Budanov, head of the DI MOD, on Gazprom's radio in Crimea.

"Citizens of Ukraine, this is Kyrylo Budanov speaking. Ukraine is taking back all the captured territories – the Donbas, the AR Crimea, and the entire Ukrainian South will be back home forever. We will find every traitor, no matter where they hide. They will all be eliminated. To all patriots, this is the time to act. Wait for us. We are coming to you. Glory to Ukraine," the radio address said.

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