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Acting director of SBI sued Ukrayinska Pravda for 150 thousand UAH

10.03.2020, 11:51
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Acting Director of the State Bureau of Investigation Iryna Venediktova filed a lawsuit with the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv against "Ukrayinska Pravda" for a publication saying her husband  influenced the DBR personnel policy. Benediktova told it on her page on Facebook,  " Ukrayinska Pravda reported".

It was question of the article dated of Jan. 28, 2020, " Avratov's octopus: how "temporary minister " builds up his impact in security block ."

The plaintiff claimed that the UP article "alleges facts that are untrue". In particular, that Venediktova's husband Denis Kolesnyk influenced the SBI personnel policy , and also that Ruslan Biryukov was appointed as advisor to the chairman of the State Investigation Bureau thanks to Venediktova's husband.

The lawsuit was also filed against the Center for Combating Corruption. Venedyktova demanded compensation of 150 thousand UAH (around $5 981) from each defendant.

"I outline the social purpose: to show that lying should be economically unprofitable and to stop distorting the very idea of ​​supervising authorities by civil society," Venedyktova wrote.

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