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11 women in Crimea persecuted by Russian authorities since 2014 – the Crimean Tatar Resource Center

21.11.2023, 17:18

11 women have been persecuted by the Russian authorities in Crimea since the occupation of the peninsula, reports the Crimean Tatar Resource Center.

"The families of political prisoners of the Kremlin remain the most vulnerable group on the peninsula, namely the wives, mothers and daughters who are left without their men's support. The persecution of Crimean activists through criminal and administrative cases has become an unfortunate trend. The repression systematically targets women, and instances of murder and disappearances have been recorded," the report said.

According to activists, women were arrested in absentia: journalist Gulsum Halilova and the daughter of a Crimean Tatar activist, Eleonora Bekirova.

The CTRC also reports on nine cases of prosecution:

  • Larysa Kytaiska
  • Halyna Dolgopola
  • Hanna Sukhonosova
  • Nina Malakhova
  • Zarema Kulametova
  • Valeria Goldenberg
  • Iryna Horobtsova
  • Lenie Umerova
  • Iryna Danylovych

As the IMI reported, the occupying Leninsky District Court of Crimea fined a woman for "discrediting the Russian army." The woman allegedly pleaded guilty in court.

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