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Monitoring of jeansa in Ukrainian National printed and online mass media. 2nd quarter of 2018

16.06.2018, 08:06
Ukrainian printed and online media outlets started marking jeansa more often, but for marking jeansa they use sections like “News of companies”, “Topical point”, “Point of view”, etc., which is still in violation of the law of Ukraine “On Advertisement”. These are the results of quarterly research of IMI regarding publication of commissioned materials in printed and in online mass media.* Based on the results of the research, in the second quarter of 2018, total correlation of jeansa without marking to covert advertisement with improper marking was 51 to 32  materials, correspondingly. For comparison, in the first quarter of 2018, this correlation was 71 to 12 materials. “Ukrainian printed and online media outlets developed a whole system of improper marking of commissioned materials. For example, political jeansa is mostly marked with tabs “Officially”, “Topical”, “Opinion”, while commissioned materials of economic nature are published in sections “News of companies”, “Expertise”, “Special project”, etc. Practically all monitored media outlets had a whole list of sections used to mark commissioned materials”, IMI media expert Olena Holub commented. In addition, according to the results of the research, the level of materials with features suggesting that they were commissioned in online media outlets remained practically unchanged, compared to the first quarter, and was equal to 68 (in the first quarter, there were 73). At the same time, the number of jeansa publications in printed mass media grew, and was equal to 15 publications (in the first quarter, there were 10). Among online media outlets, the leader in publication of materials that have features suggesting they were commissioned, was UNIAN (24 publications), among printed media outlets, newspaper  "Segodnia" had the most publications like this (7 publications with features suggesting they were commissioned). *Research if materials with features suggesting they were commissioned (jeansa) was conducted by IMI experts in ten popular Ukrainian online media outlets and in six national Ukrainian online media outlets (UNIAN, “Obozrevatel”, “”,, “”,, “”, “Ukrainska pravda”, “”, Ukrinform and “Fakty i kommentarii”, “Segodnia”, “Vesti”, “KP v Ukrainie”, “Hazeta po-ukrainski”, “Dzerkalo tyzhnia”). The sampling included all publications published in central news column of these media outlets in the period from April 23 to April 29, 2018. The research is conducted with support of the program U-Media Internews Network. Methodology of the monitoring is described on IMI webasite.Complete research is available at the link
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