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“Opposition platform – For life” leader of customers of political paid-for stories in online editions – IMI research

22.03.2019, 16:50
The leading position in the list of customers of political paid-for materials in online editions is to “Opposition platform –For life”, in favour of this political force was 22% of materials with attributes of paid-for materials, as to IMI survey. Moreover, 16% of materials were in favour of its leader and candidate for the presidency Yuriy Boyko. For the most part, these materials were made public by 112th TV channel ( and NewsOne ( Such are results of monitoring of political jeansa, held by the Institute of Mass Information during the period from March 11 to 15, 2019 in 13 popular online editions, complete sample of materials was more than 15 thousands of news.* Within this period no paid-for materials were found in “Ukrayinska Pravda”, “Novoe Vremya”, “Liga” and TSN news program. The most of political paid-for materials were published at web-based editions “Obozrevatel” (53 items), 112th channel (49 items), Newsone (39 items). The second position after “Opposition platform –For life” among customers of political jeansa is to Yulia Tymoshenko, candidate for the presidency (14% of materials with attributes of paid-for journalism). The stories to her benefit came out in “Obozrevatel”, RBK-Ukraine, 24th channel and 9% of materials covered activity of Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The most of jeansa to the benefit of Zelenskyy was published by ( The same figures (9%) are as to the percent of jeansa in favour of Anatoliy Grytsenko. The most was published at web-site of “Obozrevatel”. 6% of jeansa of total was published in favour of incumbent president and candidate for the presidency Petro Poroshenko. In the framework of this survey, we revealed 23 materials with features of counter-propaganda and black PR. 83% among these materials covered activity of Petro Poroshenko. In total, during 5 days of monitoring of 13 web-based editions there were identified 249 political materials with attributes suggesting they would be paid-for. Onle 4% among them were marked as advertisement, but the marking was not conform to the law “On advertisement”. *The survey was held in following popular online editions:,,,,, “Novoe Vremya”, UNIAN,,, NewsOne,,, The monitoring period was between March 11th and 15th 2019. The total sample of analyzed stories was 15 000. This research was made with support of USAID “Media program in Ukraine”, fulfilled by the international organization Internews. The content of research is exclusively under responsibility of the NGO “Institute of Mass Information” and not necessarily reflects the points of view of USAID, US government and Internews. The content is under liability of the Institute of Mass Information and unnecessary reflects the viewpoint of USAID, US government and Internews Network.
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