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Media NGOs appeal Poroshenko and Zelensky to take part in televised debate on April 19th

11.04.2019, 16:35
Фото -
We, representatives of the Ukraine media NGOs, are concerned about situation around the debate between the candidates for the presidency ahead of the second round of election. This is impossible to forbid to conduct an empty election campaign at the legislative level. But this should not be used by the politicians who are liable for his country. Given the real security, geopolitical and social and economic challenges that Ukraine is facing now, such practice inflicts an immense damage to the whole society. Thus, we appeal the both candidates to take part in the televised debate on April 19th in the studio of the National public television and radio company of Ukraine. This is precisely the kind of debate financed by the state budget as that is stipulated by the article 62nd “On election of the president of Ukraine”. As to the show at the Olympic stadium we welcome it, but as one of eventual forms of campaigning of the candidates. But it cannot substitute the official debates with clearly defined rules for conducting it. It will be the last chance for the both candidates to declare their projects for the future and to represent in a substantial way his own vision of the development of Ukraine. Any argument for refusing to take part in official debates will be considered by us as inadmissible for the democracy. Signatories: Independent media council NGO “Internews Ukraine” NGO “Detektor Media” NGO “The Institute of Mass Information” “Souspilnist” Foundation “ Ukraine Foundation of Security Studies
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