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July 17th, IMI and Detektor Media’s press conference “Fake news. Censorship. Social jeansa. Specificities of parliament campaign 2019”

11.07.2019, 13:49
On July 17th, Kyiv, at 10 a.m. the press conference "Fake news. Censorship. Social jeansa. Specificities of parliament campaign 2019"will be held in Ukrinform news agency, in Kyiv. The event was organized by NGOs "Institute of Mass Information" and "Detector Media". Political PR becomes almost the main content of the newscasts and weekly newscasts. The number of materials with sponsored journalism and propaganda disguised as journalism in newscast and in web-based editions broke records during the last presidential campaign. But by its form and its content, this parliamentary election campaign is the "third round" of the presidential election. Between whom and whom this bitter struggle is unleashed? How the political forces have been exploiting available media resources? Who threw mud to the rivals, and to what extent they did? What electorate they contended for above all? Who most parasitized on populist topics? What were the know-how of parliamentary campaign? Experts, NGO representatives who monitored more than 12 TV channels, more than 16 national online media and regional trends in all regions of Ukraine are to speak about all these and other issues. Participants:
  • Oksana Romanyuk, Executive director of the NGO "Institute of Mass Information"
  • Natalya Ligacheva, Head of the Media Detector
  • Olena Golub, Head of analytics department, Institute of Mass Information
  • Galyna Petrenko, Director of the "Detector Media" NGO
  • Svitlana Eremenko, Executive director of the Pylyp Orlyk Institute of Democracy
  • Olga Ayvazovska, chairman of the board of "OPORA" NGO
Representatives of mass media, non-governmental and international organizations are invited without prior accreditation. Location:  "Ukrinform" news agency, st. B.Hmelnitskogo 8/16 (2 floor), Kyiv.  Symultaneous translation into English will be provided.
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