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ZIK says its filming crew was attacked

08.07.2015, 19:40

The TV channel ZIK claims its filming crew was attacked on the territory of Zhovkivskyi rayon in Lvivska oblast, when they were recording the footage about an unsanctioned garbage dump. This news is reported on the channel’s web-site.

On July 6, the TV channel hot-line received information of an unsanctioned garbage dump in a pine forest near a recreation facility on the territory of Zhovkivskyi rayon, in Lvivska oblast. The filming crew, consisting of journalist Mariya Chystiakova, her cameraman, driver, and the informer, went to the dump location. The dump was indeed there, polluting the green zone. It seemed that the majority of garbage originated from the nearby recreation facility "Sunny lakes". The journalists went to the facility administration for comments, but instead of comments got attacked by the facility owner, who started swearing and physically assaulting the crew. Later it was clarified that the man who started the conflict was member of local village council. Complaint on this incident was filed to the police.

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