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ZIK released statement about attack against their filming crew near Kyiv

14.09.2017, 15:28
In the village of Chabany (Kyivska oblast) at the session of village council, two unidentified individuals attacked the filming crew of the project “Zhytlobud” of the TV channel ZIK. The men were obstructing the work with TV camera, kicking the camera operator's legs and pushing the producer. The incident took place on September 13, as ZIK reports on their web-site. According to the report, everything was happening with village head Yuriy Bondar watching - instead of putting an end to the hooliganism, he started verbally attacking the journalist, Anna Zakutska. According to the information of the channel, the filming crew came to the village to prepare material for their program. Local environmentalists raised against construction of housing complex near Dnipryk river by LLC “Pokrovskyi Dvir”. Allegedly they fear that the construction can damage the local ecosystem. The journalists sent an information request about the situation to the village council nine days before the visit, but the request was not answered: the officials claim that there was a mistake and it was mailed out to Lviv for some reason. So the journalists decided to clarify the situation by arriving personally. The local officials were very unhappy about the visit, they started to insult the journalists and question their motives and competence even before the violent incident, creative producer of the project Oksana Shavyak commented. The journalists had to call the police.
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