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Zelensky believes that new National council has to resolve issue of “112 Ukraina”’s license

11.10.2019, 14:44

The President Volodymyr Zelensky believes that the issue of the “112 Ukraina”’s license has to be resolved by newly elected National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting. He said it on October 10 during the press marathon held at the Kyiv Food Market, as Detector Media reported.

A journalist of “112 Ukraina” TV asked the head of state: “Why does the government want to close our channel?” Zelensky said: “Please, tell us whether newly elected National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting has revoked your license or is it a quorum of the former government ? That is the answer. This case started with my arrival or two or three years ago, when you did not renew your license. "

He stressed that a newly elected members of the National Council have to come and “resolve the issue honestly”, and that he would not influence this process: “We must reload the National Council. A new composition has to come. And let them consider this question without me: are you right or wrong. Why should I interfere with this situation? ”

Volodymyr Zelensky added that is Viktor Medvedchuk who has a "non-Ukrainian position” stands behind the channel "112 Ukraina":" Kozak, Medvedchuk, they are one thing. The person, Mr. Medvedchuk, who has a non-Ukrainian position, is he your owner, isn’t he? " He emphasized that there are no channel owners inside “Servant of the People”.

As IMI reported, on September 26, the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting refused to extend digital broadcasting licenses in the MX-5 regional multiplex to five regional companies that broadcast under the logo "112 Ukraine".

In particular, the licenses of the following companies were denied: LLC “New TV format”, LLC “Ariadna TV”, LLC “Partner TV”, LLC “TV Choice”, LLC “Leader TV”.

At the same time, members of the National Council stressed that this was not a license revocation of the 112 Ukraine channel: it had a satellite license and would continue to broadcast, but of the regional companies, which were obliged to broadcast as regional channels, rather than relaying the programs of the national channel.

112 Ukraine TV Channel considers the decision of the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting to revoke the digital licenses of “112 Ukraina” companies as censorship.

The office of President Volodymyr Zelensky said they were "watching" the development of the TV channel "112 Ukraina".

On October 1, five broadcasters broadcasting under the emblem "112 Ukraine" appealed to the Kyiv District Administrative Court asking to cancel the decision of the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of September 26 to refuse to extend the broadcasting license.

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