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Zaporizhzhia branch of Security Service of Ukraine demands explanations from ICTV journalist about story of deceitful local resident

25.06.2014, 21:10

The head of the correspondent station of the ICTV TV station in Zaporizka oblast, Maryna Moyiseyenko was summoned to the local branch of the Security Service of Ukraine because of the news story that exposed a local dweller, who was making money by lying for Russian TV channels. The journalist was told to write an explanation and the SSU officer threatened her if she refused to do as told. A similar conversation was held with the camera operator.

The story was about a woman from a village in Zaporizka oblast, who made money by telling on camera for Russian TV channels that she lives in Kramatorsk and hides in her house’ basement during перестрелка. After the story about this woman was on TV, the journalist started to receive threats that she would be held responsible for the woman’s suicide, which she allegedly attempted after her neighbours promised to burn down her house. 

Moyiseyenko refused to go to the SSU office, so she met with a SSU officer in his car, where he wrote down her explanation of the whole story, which she signed. The operator did the same.

The head of the press service of Zaporizhzhia SSU branch Serhiy Levchenko claims they came to the journalists for help in their investigation and the situation is just misunderstanding.

Later, SSU issued an apology to the journalists.  

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