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YouTube takes down "February Life" stream due to mass strikes

28.02.2023, 15:06
Photo: Kharkiv Times
Photo: Kharkiv Times

On the morning of February 28, YouTube took down the stream of the "February Life" media marathon, which had started on February 27. This was reported by the project's co-coordinator, Dmytro Kutovyi, writes "Detecror Media".

According to him, YouTube has restricted them due to mass flagging for fraud or spam.

A 40-hour marathon to mark the anniversary of the full-scale invasion "February Life" was organized by the Kharkiv media center "Kharkiv Media Hub" and streamed on their YouTube channel. The recording of the marathon's first day is currently unavailable for "violating YouTube's policy."

The Kharkiv Media Hub team resumed the stream at another link and is contesting YouTube's decision.

"We are absolutely sure that this content will be back on the platform. We certainly have recordings of everything. Everything will be back, and our viewers will see it all," Dmytro Kutovyi said on the air on the second day of "February Life".

As the media outlet reminds, the purpose of "February Life" is to speak up about Ukraine's and Kharkiv's resistance against the Russian invasion, as well as to fundraise for the Armed Forces and help all those affected. The marathon includes performances by Ukrainian artists and cultural figures (namely, by author Les Podervyansky, DJs Probass & Hardi, "Zhadan and Dogs" band, singer Pianoboy, etc); interviews and reports about volunteers, soldiers, journalists, as well as a live report from the charity running race from Kharkiv to the Donbas, organized by volunteers. The participants plan to race from Kharkiv to Kramatorsk and get there in 40 hours. The race started in North Saltivka – the Kharkiv district which has been most affected by shelling during the Russian siege of the city.

As IMI reported, Tetyana Mykytenko, who runs the "Raguli" blog, restricted the access to the content on her YouTube due to bots attempting to block the channel.

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