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YouTube blocks the Ukrainian version of UAF StratCom's ecocide documentary

26.10.2023, 14:22
Photo: screenshot from the video by the UAF StratCom
Photo: screenshot from the video by the UAF StratCom

YouTube has blocked the Ukrainian language version of the documentary "Ecocide. The World Has No Choice But to Stop Russian Aggression".

Taras Dzyuba, chief expert at the Strategic Communications Department of the Office of the UAF Commander-in-Chief spoke about this in his comment to the IMI.

"We posted the two versions at the same time, but one of them was blocked by YouTube. We don't understand why it was the Ukrainian version, because they are identical. The only thing is that they are dubbed in different languages," says Dzyuba.

He suggests that the video was blocked due to mass reporting from the enemy's side.

"They don't like such things very much," added the UAF StratCom representative.

However, Taras Dzyuba pointed out that the documentary was blocked almost immediately after release. After that, the UAF StratCom team contacted YouTube for an explanation.

"It's strange. Because the previous videos were about the enemy's policies against our children. There were two documentaries. The first one was called 'Kidnapping. Children', and the second one was 'Wounded Children, Crippled Futures'. And those feature much more sinister examples. If we talk in terms of violence and how it can affect morale, psyche. Those films were much tougher, and those are not blocked. But 'Ecocide' was blocked for an hour, and that's curious," says Taras Dzyuba.

He suggests that this may be related to the recent International Forum "United for Justice. United for the Environment" in Kyiv, where representatives of the Ukrainian authorities and activists discussed the ecocide issues with foreign partners.

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