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Wounded Russian mercenary and propagadist Igor Magnushev dies in hospital

08.02.2023, 14:20
Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

Russian mercenary and propagandist Igor Magnushev, known for performing on stage with a skull allegedly belonging to a deceased Azovstal defender in hand six months ago, died in the hospital after being wounded in the head.

This was reported by Russian propagandist Akim Apachev.

Magnushev was shot in the head a few days ago in Kadiyivka.

In his speech in summer 2022, Mangushev pushed the Russian propaganda narratives and called for a genocide of Ukrainians.

He stated that the Russian Federation was "at war not with the people, but with the idea" of Ukraine's existence, and also that "all bearers of this idea must be exterminated."

As he said this, the propagandist held in his hand a skull, which, according to him, belonged to a fallen Azovstal defender.

On February 4 it was reported that Igor Magnushev had been shot in the head. According to one of the theories, it could have been done by the Kadyrovites. The wounded propagandist was taken to the neurosurgery ward of one of a hospital in Russian-occupied Kadiyivka (Stakhanov before decommunization), Luhansk oblast.

As IMI reported, Russian propagandist from the Telegram channel "Readovka", Anastasia Yelsukova, was wounded in the leg during her illegal trip to Ukraine, in Soledar, Donetsk oblast.

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