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Work of journalists in wartime regulated by order of Сommander-in-chief of Armed Forces

06.03.2022, 07:26

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valery Zaluzhny, has issued an order establishing the procedure for admitting members of the media to military facilities in the area of ​​hostilities for the period of martial law.

This was reported on the website of the Ministry of Defense.

The order regulates the work with accredited media representatives during martial law, determines the list of information that cannot be disclosed, establishes the procedure for accreditation and the rules of work of journalists.

Information banned to be disclosed includes the names and locations of military units, the number of weapons and equipment, information on military operations that are conducted or planned, postponed or canceled, information on information and psychological operations, propaganda of Russian aggression.

Representatives of the media have the right to disseminate general information about the defense forces, their activities, completed operations.

Responsibilities of media people:

-to present one’s press card and personal documents on request;

-to move in the combat zone exclusively along the agreed route together with the military;

-to warn the press officer about the term of business trip, purpose, route;

-to wear feature prominently the signs "Press";

-to wear a protective helmet and bulletproof vest marked "Press";

-to have a first aid kit and be able to use it;

-to submit photos and videos for verification for non-disclosed information and remove such information upon request.

You can read more here .

On the eve of IMI announced how to obtain accreditation of the Armed Forces to cover the war .

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