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"Wishful thinking," says Malyar on Russian fakes about the battles for Bakhmut

19.05.2023, 16:03
Photo: the General Staff on Facebook
Photo: the General Staff on Facebook

The Russian occupiers claim to have "complete control" over Bakhmut, Donetsk oblast. In this way, the enemy is trying to make it seem like their wishful thinking is reality, said Deputy Minister of Defense, Hanna Malyar, on the national telethon, writes "RBC-Ukraine".

"They do have certain gains, it is clear and obvious. However, this is the Russians' style: they always do a false start in the media, passing their wishful thinking off as reality and announcing the goals they would like to achieve in advance. In fact, very often they fail after this," said Malyar.

She emphasized that as of today, the UAF control the southwestern part of Bakhmut. Meanwhile, Russia is focusing its media and military efforts in this direction.

"On the other hand, the same battles continue in Maryinka and Avdiivka. Their (the enemy's – Ed.) task is to take control of them, that's why they are fighting very fiercely there as well," the deputy Minister added.

According to Malyar, despite Russians having more personnel and more weapons, Ukrainian soldiers are fighting back powerfully.

"If we look at the battles for Bakhmut, which have been going on since last August, they have been unable to make advances since then. If they take about a year to advance by a kilometer or so, this is effectively the same as standing still," the deputy Minister of Defense added.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have performed multiple tasks in the Bakhmut area:

  • eliminated the "Wagner" personnel;
  • reduced the Russians' offensive capabilities;
  • stopped the enemy's advance deeper into the territory of Ukraine.

As IMI reported, Russian propagandists are spreading reports about Ukrainian commanders having been "eliminated". In this way, the enemy wants to demoralize the Ukrainian army.

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