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"Why aren't they showing the damaged power supply facilities?": DTEK executive responds to Telegram fakes and manipulations

07.11.2022, 16:58

Information attacks carried out by the Russians, namely through bloggers or Telegram channel owners, are widely known.

This was the response to Telegram manipulations regarding power outages and power supply facilities shelling that DTEK executive director Dmytro Sakharuk expressed while speaking at "Coffee with Troshchynska" on the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center platform, "Hromadske Radio" reports.

According to him, it is now necessary to be careful so as not to read news or messages that do not reflect reality, are manipulative, or contain outright lies.

"Unfortunately, there are some thermal power plant buildings, substations, and transformers located in those territories that have been damaged. Equipment has been damaged. Some people also died in these attacks or while trying to save these enterprises. That is why houses or villages may have no power – because large system substations of NPC 'Ukrenergo' or 'Oblenergo' have been destroyed", Dmytro Sakharuk stressed.

Therefore, if people only write about power line issues, then they are either ignorant or outright manipulating to achieve some goal.

"The damage dealt is colossal, it is measured in hundreds of millions of dollars and there is no talk of investors yet. They are not just too scared to give us money – they are too scared to look in the general direction of Ukrainians," the DTEK executive director stressed.

According to Dmytro Sakharuk, when it comes to investing in critical infrastructure facilities that constantly get shelled and destroyed, one issue needs to be solved jointly — ensuring the functioning of Ukraine's unified power supply system.

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