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"We shouldn't blur the image of the enemy" – Danilov advises to avoid certain terms when referring to Russians

26.12.2022, 11:16
Photo: Getty images
Photo: Getty images

The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, advised to abstain from using the words "Orcs", "russkies", "pig-dogs" when referring to the Russian occupiers, because this blurs the image of the enemy.

"We probably shouldn't get too carried away with the use of new terms – Orcs, russkies, pig-dogs... We shouldn't blur the image of the enemy, so to speak. Write: 'Russian', 'Russia' killed, attacked, looted, raped, destroyed, lied – so as to record it for history right away," wrote Danilov.

In his opinion, this is needed so that the Ukrainian historical memory is forever aware of which nation "bears the full collective responsibility for the bloody war" and so that Ukrainians never forget "all the vileness of Russian 'fraternity.'"

He also added that "the Orcs don't want to be put on a par with Russians," and that such a comparison is insulting "to dogs and innocent pigs, who, besides, turned out to be much tidier and cleaner creatures than the occupiers."

As IMI reported, the news agency of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, ArmiyaInform, compiled a dictionary of new words that have emerged in Ukraine after the start of Russia's full-scale invasion.

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